Dreams of old closed coffins in clear flowing lake

by Betina Clarke
(Hamilton New Zealand)

I dreamed that I was standing high with two others beside me and I could not see their faces.

They pointed down below over a cliff, but I was higher than the mountains, as I could see mountains below me.

As clear as day I could see a whole lot of old brown coffins shaped the old way in all different directions scattered in a lake surrounded by mountains.

I am supposed to interpret this. But in this dream, I felt it was telling me something I needed to know, that the things of the past, everything I hold dear to me actions of my ancestors, loved ones passed.

And all of my spiritual experiences of warnings. That I can release much of my past to let it die, leave it closed in order for me to still live clear from the miseries and pain of the past, so that everything can become clearer, so that I can finally live free.

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May 17, 2017
Thank you NEW
by: Simona

Letting go of the past to be free! What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing, Betina.

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