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Chakra Wisdom
December 21, 2016

Heart Chakra - Winter Solstice Self Care

This issue of Chakra Wisdom focuses on the Heart Chakra and self care during this time of the year.

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Chakra Anatomy

Happy Winter Solstice from my home to yours!

The word "solstice" comes from the Latin word "solstitium", which means "point at which the sun stands still".

And while the sun may stand still, our lives are in full motion!

This is a very busy time of year for many of us and I have to remind myself to bring light inside my being. To take time to nurture myself and to tend to my heart.

To intentionally practice self-care and to slow down amidst the business of pre-holiday season.

One of my most favorite nourishing self-care activities is tending to my heart chakra through meditation.

If you are inspired to take a break and to nurture and support your heart chakra now, bellow is a simple and sweet meditation.

Heart Chakra Meditation

So, now...

Slowly begin to turn your attention inward. Noticing your body, your sit bones, your feet touching the floor.

Notice the sensation of your hands, your legs, and your torso.

Notice the sensation of your breath, moving in and out of your body. Just notice it. Without trying to change it or manipulate it in any way.

Stay with your breath for a few moments.

Noticing the air moving in and out of your nostrils. Noticing your belly rising and falling with each breath.

Now turn your attention to the area of your heart chakra. The center of your chest.

Notice any sensations arising there.

What is arising?

Is there any spaciousness?


Stay with your heart.

What needs your attention?

What is here?

What is here now?

Just keep sensing your heart chakra.

Noticing any space or tightness. Just noticing without judgment. Allowing yourself to be here just as you are.

Sensing yourself.

Sensing your truth.

Sensing the truth in your heart.

Stay with your heart for a while. Allowing sensations to come and go. Without analyzing anything. There is no need to know. Just be. Just feel.

Be here now with your heart.

Allowing yourself to be here in this moment.

Taking time for yourself to be this way, fully present, fully here, tuned in to your heart.

Stay for as along as you want to.

Just keep sensing your heart in this moment.


When you are ready, turn your attention outward and slowly begin to reorient yourself to the room and to the outside world.

Notice how your body feels.

Notice how are your emotions.

Notice the effect this meditation had on you and on the rest of your day.


That’s all for now…

As light begins its journey of reemergence, may the sweetness in your heart carry you through. May you be happy, healthy, and free of suffering.

Kind wishes,



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