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Chakra Wisdom, Issue #001
January 10, 2016

Trust the Unfolding

This issue of Chakra Wisdom brings you to the "here and now", learning to be present in this moment. Healing occurs in the present moment. As you deepen your ability to be present, you also develop the ability to sense your chakras and your subtle body.

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Chakra Anatomy

With the strong energy of the first New moon in 2016, you may feel pulled towards the future, your goals and plans, but this is the time to be present with what is happening in the “here and now”.

Allowing yourself to experience your feelings and witness your thoughts, without trying to push anything away or change it.

Just being here as you are. Fully present, accepting yourself and allowing life to unfold moment by moment. As you learn to be present with yourself in this way, you begin to trust in life. You begin to trust your own journey of unfolding.

As you sit here, where do you sense your breath? Is it at the nostrils, a thin column of air moving in and out... Or is it at your chest?

Just sense your breath.

Notice it.

Notice your breath without trying to change it. Stay with it for a few minutes. Just keep noticing your breath.

And if you attention wanders, come back to the breath. Gently, with great kindness towards yourself, bring your attention back to the breath. To the here and now.

This breath. This moment. This in-breath, this out-breath. Noticing that you breath is always here for you. Your breath is your anchor a trustworthy place you can always return to.

Perhaps you were curious about meditation for a while.

Perhaps you know that meditation is one of the most profound ways for healing and for learning to perceive and heal your subtle body, your chakras and your aura.

If you followed my writing and stayed present with your breath, you have just practiced mindfulness meditation! You can practice mindfulness anywhere and anytime. Waiting in a line up at the grocery store, washing dishes, or brushing your teeth. Each time you turn your attention to the breath, you are learning to be present in the moment. Healing occurs in the present moment.

When I started practicing mindfulness meditation, over 15 years ago, I was very impatient. I wanted to enter deep meditative states right from the beginning.

My curiosity led me to then new technology called binaural beats meditation. With the use of this technology, you can enter deep meditative states effortlessly.

For two years, every single day, I used this technology to enter deep meditative and transformative states. The effects were profound (more on that later). And meditation became part of my daily life.

Over the past several weeks I have been asking myself: If there was only one thing I could do or share with others, what would that be? Meditation kept coming up over and over again.

Because, from the bottom of my heart, and from the depths of my soul, I know that the most profound tool for healing, is meditation.

New moon is the best time to start a new habit. So, if you were curious about meditation, now is a good time to start.

My friend John Dupuy, founder of iAwake Technologies, offers a free 20 minute deep meditation track. You can sign up and download your free meditation here: Deep transformational meditation track

That’s all for now…

Wishing you kindness, gentleness, and self-compassion on your journey. May you be safe, may you be happy, and may you be free of suffering.


With loving kindness,


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