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Binaural Beats mp3 for Chakra Opening

binaural beats listeningAre you looking for an inexpensive product that will help you to open your Chakras? Something that is easy to use and does not require much time commitment?

In this article, I review binaural beats mp3 for chakra opening (and isochronic mp3), a product that I have tried every day for a month.

I stumbled upon these recordings at unexplainable store, which carries a wide range of high quality recordings to assist you with spiritual development, healing, psychic development, manifestation, and much more.

What are binaural beats mp3's

Binarual beats mp3's are scientifically proven recordings to entrain your brainwaves to reach certain states of consciousness.

Deep sleep, meditation, chakra opening, out of body experiences, astral travel, psychic development, are all within your reach when you use these recordings.

How does it work?

When you listen to these recording through stereo headphones, you receive different sound waves (frequencies) into each ear. The brain then creates a third wave, which is the difference between the two waves. This is called entrainment. Your brain is entrained to a certain wave frequency.

You are taken to meditative states effortlessly. No experience needed. The recordings will entrain your brainwaves to alpha frequency (and low beta) for chakra opening.

When you use these recordings, you can also use visualization in addition to listening. Visualize colors moving through your chakras.

Root chakra - red

Sacral chakra - orange

Solar plexus chakra - yellow

Heart chakra - green

Throat chakra - blue

Third eye chakra - indigo

Crown chakra - purple

Visualize the colors as clear and bright. You can do this visualization without the recordings as well. As you are falling asleep, focus on each of your chakras one by one, take your time and at each point, visualize the particular color for that chakra. Infuse the chakra with its color.

What are isochronic tone mp3's

The most effective way to entrain the brain is through the use of isochronic tones. These recordings use the same tone for both ears, but the pulse speed is greater. This causes the brain to entrain to the rhythm rather than just the sound frequency.

Unexplainable store offers a number of choices for opening your chakras. Here are some of their choices:

20 minute binaural beat chakra opening sequence

1 hour binaural beat chakra opening sequence

20 minute isochronic tone chakra opening sequence

1 hour isochronic tone chakra opening sequence

The one hour chakra opening recording (binaural or isochronic) takes you through all of your seven chakras in one hour. The recording starts at the root chakra frequency and progresses through each chakra upwards, ending with the crown chakra. I like to use it before bedtime, or winding down after a long day.

If you do not have the full hour for opening your chakras, you can use the shorter 20 minute recording. This version is the same, except it moves through the chakras faster, spending less time on each chakra. This is a great alternative for the full version recording.

Some of my experiences while using these recordings:

  • deep meditative states
  • various body sensations, such as tingling, twitching, muscle relaxation
  • intuitions about the state of my chakras
  • sensations in each of the chakras, sensing the direction and speed of the spin (each chakra spins as a vortex of energy)
  • intuitions about emotions related to my chakras and my daily life, my issues
  • improved dream recall
  • relaxation

If you would also like to develop your psychic powers, I recommend the following recordings:

How to do Astral Projection

How to view Auras

How to Lucid Dream

How to do Automatic Writing

How to develop ESP (extra sensory perception)

All of these recordings are very high quality, some of the highest that are on the internet these days. Unexplainable store also offers a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the results.

I hope you will benefit from these recordings as much as I have. Spiritual development is a process, a journey. While you may experience sudden shifts, big realizations, remember that it is a journey. Stay present in the moment with whatever arises, joy is here now. You are evolving.

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