by Robin Jelinek
(Bainbridge Island, WA)

About 14 years ago I began a very deep spiritual journey. I began reading and studying everything I could about chakras, our energy system, kundalini, and natural healing.

One of the books I read that was really impacting and life-changing for me was called, "Ancient Teachings for Beginners, by DeLong. He also had a second book out called, "The Advanced Teachings." The practices that I learned in this book were instrumental in opening my energy centers and awakening my kundalini.

Each night before going to sleep I began a practice of imagining each one of my chakras. I would start at my feet and imagine the two brown chakras located on the bottoms of my feet, as I would draw my breath in I would will them begin to spin, clear and expand. Once I had opened my two chakras on the bottoms of my feet I would imagine that there were like the roots of a tree and that they were traveling down to the center of the earth where they could root in and ground me. Once this was completed the meditation would start.

Next, I began at my red root chakra, as the breath drew in I imagined it opening, as I expelled the breath, I imagined it spinning. I continued this same technique up through each of the chakras until I reached the crown. Then I would imagine sending my energy up and through the chakras above and beyond my body. This time I would imagine connecting to the heavens above me and with my will I would imagine pulling a white bean of light down back through the crown, continuing through each chakra and going out the bottoms of my feet back into the earth. I would repeat this process several times, cleaning and clearing my chakras.

About 3 months into the practice on a nightly basis I had.a very profound experience. I would not describe myself as a biblical type person, but I have no explanation for what happened to me next that night.

I began my nightly meditation in the same way as I always did. Part way into the meditation my arm reached towards the sky. I was struck by something that felt just like a lightning bolt. It shot into my body and I heard what sounded like thousands of hummingbirds buzzing around me. I was not able to bring my arm down or move or speak. My husband was lying next to me and was undisturbed by what seemed only I could hear and feel. I felt each of the centers spin and I heard the noise as though they were tops that I had pulled the string on. Each one began to hum and to spin loudly. Then I felt the kundalini begin to rise at the base. It shot up through the root. It passed through each of the chakras. There were several that must have been blocked because there was a slight bit of pain as it tried to puncture it's way through. The snake or kundalini would back up and hit them several times until it made it's way through. Once it got all the way to the top there was a loud whoosh sound and it felt as though a hot lava poured back down through every center until it reached the bottom. The whole thing ended with a full body orgasm.

Needless to say, I was shocked and changed by the experience. No longer did I need to wonder if chakras really existed or if kundalini really happened. I had experienced it for myself.

Nothing could prepare me for what would come in the following months and years. fortunately both of my children were raised, so I had the time to get through it. The following weeks were the most difficult. I slept very little, although I was not tired and I felt over energized. There was an outpouring of emotions. The first week I cried a river of tears with no idea why. It was the deepest release of sadness and despair that I have ever known. Gradually as the weeks followed the emotions started to lesson and turned more into a burining desire to learn more. I read hundreds of books on the topic of chakras and kundalini. It seemed that my kundalini awakening was more of a spontaneous one caused by meditation practices. This type of rising can cause a great deal of pain and suffering. I can attest to the fact, that was true.

For a while, I stopped my meditations in order to allow the energy to subside a bit. I had read that in some cases this is a good idea to do. It did work for me and eventually, I became more functional. In the years that followed I would have several other encounters with the kundalini.

Several years after the first rising I had another experience. This time we were on a vacation in Bora Bora. This is a very spiritual area and the energy there is conducive to anyone on a spiritual journey. I closed my eyes and began to meditate, within secounds there was a loud noise and extreme pressure on the top of my head. It was slightly painful and had a familiar feel to it like the first time I felt the kundalini. This time the noise was not like hummingbirds, but more like a freight train. It went on for what seemed like minutes before it broke through. Then once again I heard the familiar whoosh sound and felt the rush of the love pour through my neck and into my chest.

I can only guess that my first awakening never made it's full accent so it came back down through the crown chakra and made its way into my heart chakra. I had in fact had a partial rising the first time which is why there was so much upheaval with it.

After this second encounter, my body seemed much more balanced. I had always been an empathetic person, but the level has increased by 1000's of times in. People seem to be drawn to tell me very personal things and often times I know what has happened to them before they ever tell me. I find it difficult at times to be in social gatherings because I feel the emotions of others so intensely that it is hard to tell what is mine and what is someone else's. I have had to learn how to shut this off at times because it can drain me if I am not careful.

I wanted to share my experience with others who may be going through a similar experience. Although there are similarities with kundalini awakenings, all of them are different. If I can help anyone else who has experienced a kundalini awakening I would be happy to. My blog and email is found at

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Jun 16, 2019
My Chakra
by: Jennifer

My main chakra is the blue, or throat chakra. Then again, I do have a lot to say.

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