by Brandon

I am 25 years old and have been married for almost 3 years to my wife and soulmate who is 21 years old. She has always tried to convince me of these "spiritual experiences" but I was never one to believe anything of that sort, until the night of October 27 2016.

We were laying in bed and looking out into the dark through the window around midnight or so. I noticed I could see a red/orange mist-like glow that resembled the shape of a human being.

Instantly I knew that this was not human, and it was rapidly jerking back and forth like a pacing motion. I asked my wife if she saw it and she too could see this glow and suggested it could be a "lost soul" and seemed very calm and sure that it was indeed a spiritual being.

For the first time in my life, I knew that I was seeing a spiritual being and it wanted me to see its energy. I could not understand what it was trying to share with me but I felt a growing desire to go outside and try to walk up to it, just to see what would happen.

My wife said that was not a good idea and to just open myself to it and let it connect to my spirit. As we both lay and watch it still in a jerky and pacing motion, I could feel something that was very different that anything before, my wife then told me "he is here with us, don't be scared" and her calming voice was reassuring me that everything was okay and the bright, curvy waves filled my peripheral vision and numbing/tingling vibrations were pulsating throughout my whole body.

I was almost completely blinded from all the energy that was being broadcast to me like a channel on a TV. I could not describe it, but the feeling was extremely intense and lasted about 5 to 10 minutes before it began to fade and would come off/on for a couple of hours after. I instantly knew this was something of spiritual power who was here to awaken my spiritual awareness.

My wife was very very happy and explained everything we both just had experienced and said that me and her had fully connected and she knew that I had experienced a spiritual awakening. It has not still fully been accepted by my logical mind, but I can now block out my mental thought and have had sight of spiritual beings for the past 3 nights.

Everything i read or learn about spirits and their presence completely adds up and even answers the questions I have always asked myself. I have only told my best friend who I have known since 3rd grade. The only friend i never had any bad vibes or bad experiences with. I have always felt a strong desire for his presence and now I understand why. He is open to the things i have told him and even says a lot of them happen to him already.

My wife was here to show me the way and now I feel my mission is to show him the way down his own path. I feel a very strong sense of desire to show only him how to awake his spiritual being and I have even seen his guardian angels appear to me to let me know he is almost ready.

I am more open minded than ever imagined and want anyone else who is open to just fill your head with spiritual knowledge from anyone else who has experienced and your ignorance will be lifted just like mine was.

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