by Don
(Bend, OR USA)

Sitting at a stop sign on the way to work in December, 2008 an aha, a little vibration. Like a gear popped in the mind. And instantly the paradox was seen, by no one.

3 years were spent self investigating. Now it is seen that there was investigation but it was not done by a me for all happens spontaneously.

What I am is prior to any idea of anything for existence cannot be conceptualized. And if existence cannot be conceptualized it is not an object. If not object then not subject to time.
What appears as reality is actually the unreal. Like a cartoon. Flip the pages, the characters change positions, but nothing actually happens. No thing is doing anything.

The human being is an idea, powerless as a tree. When man sees that man is an idea, peace on Earth. For if no thought, identify the enemy.

There is a little leap that must happen for realization and that can only occur by grace.
One way to look: Consider all that appears to occur an accident. There must be a witness to testify to the accident. Like standing on the corner, waiting on a car wreck. But the witness too is in the accident. So witnessing but no witness.

Go on a walk and judge nothing. And when judgment arises, ask who is doing it.

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