Getting back on my path

by Annie S.

When I was around fifteen or sixteen years old, I was going through a period of doubting my religion.

I started thinking that everything about saints was a lie, since I couldn’t find a way to make sense of it. I studied at a catholic school, so most of my friends where very religious and they could see what was going on with me and were very preoccupied.

One day my closest friends got together to discuss what could they do to help me. One of them had told about my disbelief to her grandmother, who recommended her to buy me a book about the virgin. They all bought it and gave it to me, they just told me to read to see what I thought, I love to read so I accepted it.

The book was about two sisters, one was in a coma, and the other one didn’t know what to do, since her sister wasn’t responding, she started praying and each time she went inside her sister’s room it smelled like roses, even though there weren’t any flowers in the room. That was a sign for her, and she never disconnected her sister, and 30 years later she woke up from the coma.

When I finished reading the book I thought it was quite silly, and probably a lie. But when I closed the book, suddenly all room starting smelling like roses, I knew it was the virgin telling me I was going in the wrong direction.

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Nov 12, 2016
by: Freda

Nov 06, 2015
Hi there
by: Anonymous

I just keep reading your posts

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