Heart Chakra Constriction

by Laura

I was thinking about love and the energy of fear. It is so true that in our bodies we can only feel one at a time. Fear constructs and tenses us up, whereas love is relaxed and literally open feeling, more circulation of breath and blood.

I do feel like I can experience love and fear around the same experience however. For example, I can have a friend, whom I love and admire but still feel hesitant and afraid at times, to be put off guard.

So I suppose I am alternating between love and fear. In my body I may only feel one or the other at a given instant, but it is possible to flip from one to the other, particularly to fear.

I also wonder about the value of fear. I desire to be open and loving but often there may be a reason for fear, safety, caution. Perhaps it is over sensitive and tends to take hold and never let go but that doesn't mean it is always wrong or shouldn't be present.

Finally, as I pay attention more and more to my heart and staying open, I notice other people being closed off. I notice more or at least I notice this behavior in the context of the heart chakra.

Before I might notice but didn't have the same concept and I find this idea illustrates quite well what happens in terms of connecting the mind and body and describing the overall experience. So I notice it in other people too.

And when I notice other people close off, I want so much that they can be open and free, almost desperately so.

I mean I would trade my own openness for them to experience openness in that moment. Well at least sometimes I feel that way. What can I do?

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Mar 03, 2021
by: Anonymous

Do you have an update to the article? info seems old

Nov 06, 2015
by: Anonymous

i am studying this topic, thanks

Apr 15, 2015
Heart Chakra Inquiry
by: Simona

Thank you for your submission, Laura. I sense your pain and that it is difficult for you when your heart is open and other people's hearts are closed.

We cannot change other people's feelings. We can be loving, kind, and compassionate. We can share our pain and through this we may create connection and awaken love in others. 

Our challenges in relationships help us to get in touch with deeper parts of ourselves.

You are open and loving, the energy of your heart chakra is flowing, and other people are closed. This is hard for you. You would like them to be open.

There is something within us that needs attention. Once we understand ourselves and our pain, we can share it with others. 

To understand our pain and to get in touch with the deeper parts of ourselves, we need to quiet down, be present in the moment and inquire within the pain.

The wisdom is within you. You have everything you need.

So, perhaps, finding a quiet space and time, settling into meditation, noticing the movement of your breath, the movement of your belly, allowing the body to quiet down, inquiring into the pain:

What is so hard about it?

Where is the pain?

What do I feel in my heart when I am open and loving and other people are not?

What do I feel when I realize that I cannot change other people's feelings?

Allowing whatever comes up, being gentle with yourself, kind and compassionate. Working with the heart chakra will allow spaciousness and clarity to arise.

with loving kindness,

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