I almost drowned

by Ken
(Phoenix, AZ)

My family and I were on vacation in California. I was walking along the shore and thinking to myself. I had been very depressed and disconnected from God. I walked around a cliffs corner and before I knew it, I was engulfed by the tide. I didn't realize the tide had risen so much. I was trapped on the side of the cliff that was maybe 16ft tall and was very slippery and I couldn't gain traction. The water came up to my neck and I said to God, I'm ready.

I got the feeling like I should cry out for help, and I did. Three beautiful people heard me and lowered themselves to pull me up. I then tried to get back to my family who was a long ways down the coast. I turned around to say thank you to the beautiful strangers, but they were gone. They had just disappeared. I was amazed and I looked up to the sky and a single Sunbeam shot down onto ME. And I knew it was God saying he remembered me, and that he saw me in my darkness. That moment has stayed with me my whole life. God knows, he sees, I am going to be okay.

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