Motorcycle accident - staying with the living

by Katie

When I was 10 years old my brother was in a really bad motorcycle accident. I will never forget this and it is something that shaped my life and my beliefs about the supernatural, life after death, and the like.

I was at my grandparent’s house when it happened with my dad; my uncle came flying up their drive and told my dad to get in the car, so I jumped in as well. I was scared but at that point I didn't know why. my uncle drove every fast to where my brother was, we beat the ambulance to the scene.

My aunt was also with us, I jump out of the car and saw my brother lying in a ditch, but I could not reach him. My aunt would not let me go because he looked really bad, I was screaming that the lady was going to take him if I didn't go. She told me there was no one there, but I saw her she was talking to him and he was starting to stand up and I was screaming at him not to go.

I knew this woman; she was there to take him away forever. I was screaming at her to go away. My aunt didn't see her and she thought I was losing my mind.

I will never forget seeing her that day. My brother didn't go with her that day. He told me that she gave him a choice and he wanted to stay with his family.

I know I am not crazy. I did not make it up and I really saw her. My brother and I talked about it months later and he confirmed her presence. It was a very intense spiritual experience for me. It must have been for him as well, although we never talked about it that way.

I hope reading this helps someone not to feel alone if they have a similar experience.

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