My Mother's Passing

by Virginia Armstrong
(Clarksville, Arkansas )

My mother lived in a retirement home for several years. In January of this year 2016, she had a mini-stroke and blacked out then fell and broke her foot. Then after the cast came off she then had to wear a walking boot. The boot created a large sore on top of her foot which got a very nasty infection, which caused her dementia to get much worse.

Then the doctor tells us she only gives her about a month, due to the fact that she had deteriorated at such a rapid pace since getting the infection. Two days later I get a call than we children need to come to the nursing home because she is not expected to be here but a few hours. 7 of her 8 children including myself showed up.

But, the hours kept passing with her laying on either her back or her left side struggling to breathe. For the next couple of days we 7 would go and visit at various times and trying to get some sleep when we weren't there. The eighth child was driving here to Arkansas from Utah.

One night, after sending some of the kids to get some rest my younger sister and I stayed, she laid on the other bed in the room to try and get a little rest. I had slept during the day that day so I wasn't sleepy. We had the lights out but, had left the television on and the bathroom door open so the nurse could still see to come in and dispense the pain meds Mom was receiving around the clock.

I got up and walked over to the bed. I leaned over and whispered, " Aren't you tired of laying here like this?" Then I grabbed the draw sheet and rolled her over to her right side. There she drew a full deep breath , something she had not done in days. I propped my elbows up on the railing and stroking her hair I said, " Your mother and daddy are wanting you to be their little girl again. " having lost 2 older sisters years ago, I then added, "Caroline and Maggie are just up ahead, why don't you catch up to them."

Then for the first time in days she turned her head towards me and opened her eyes and looked at me, our eyes locked for a second and I saw recognition and then she was gone. I FELT her leave, her light had passed across my soul.

I had been a hospice aide years ago and had never experienced this or anything like it with my patients ever before. But, those people did not know me. This was so precious and special to me.

Any doubts I might have had about an afterlife have diminished. I am certain her spirit went somewhere else. I am blessed that the Lord let me have that moment with her. I know that she is no longer in the body she had while she was here, it is now just a shell. I hope and pray that everyone could be a witness to this same experience. It has helped me so much to get through these last few days when we had her viewing and now today her funeral.

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Sep 24, 2016
by: Brandon

Cheers.and I love the Lord and his word and his power. There's an huge harvest with few wo workers. Cheers.Divinity in power IS

Jun 01, 2016
Blessings to you
by: Simona

Thank you Virginia for sharing your story. Beautiful. May you be at peace during this time of grief. Blessings to you.

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