My Spiritual Story

by Ben

I would like to share with you my story as to how I became interested in the spiritual world in which we live in.

From a young age I was fascinated by the supernatural, mystic stories kept me awake at night as I imagined I was the protagonist of my own story. I loved the idea of something magical in the world, but was a natural sceptic, I loved magic and the illusion of the stories that I dreamt about, but at the end of the day I knew they were stories and that there was no supernatural power or presence surrounding us.

I found it even harder to comprehend the existence of a mighty character in the sky that built everything around us with his bare hands in seven days. Even so I still wanted to believe that there was something more out there in the wide universe that we share.

My Grandmother told me a story when I was very little but I can remember it so clearly, the way she told her story made me feel like I was there with her. Years before I was born my Grandmother was sitting at her house, when a thought struck her head like a lightening bolt. It was fear, pure fear and a message that her Mother, my Great Grandmother was in danger.

On this feeling alone she ran to her car and raced all the way to her Mothers home, just short of a 40-miunte drive. She ran out of the car and banged on the door, no answer. No mobile phone. The fear was like a hand twisting in her brain telling her she had to get inside. She did the only thing she had left to do; she smashed a window and crawled through.

When she got inside, there she was, her Mother, in a ball at the bottom of the stairs, her head smashed against the wall. My Grandmother called an ambulance and my Great Grandmother was taken to hospital. After a short period she made a full recovery and went on to live many more happy years.

This story was so invigorating to me. How could my Grandmother have known that her Mother had fallen, how could she have possibly known? It made no sense, no logical sense anyway. Something had told her, and it wasn’t just a passing curiosity in the form of a thought, it was something yelling, screaming at her to go.

Even though I loved the story and it basically proved everything that I wanted to believe in, that there is some higher power out there that guides us and encapsulates us, I still had a tiny incline that the story wasn’t true, it seemed so far fetched, so magical and out of this world that I struggled to comprehend the notion of it.

Ten years later since my Grandma told me her story, I am sitting at my home and an alarm bell started to go off in my head. A deep yearning to move, a strong connection and a thought that was as clear as day laid out in front of me in my own mind. Someone was in trouble and they needed my help.
The crystal clear visions in my head were of my dear Grandma. A sickening to my stomach that made me nearly throw up with fear. Something was pushing me to go to her. Unfortunately I was a 5-hour drive away from her and could not help, thankfully we are now in a time of instant communication, I dialled a loyal friend of my Grandmother, Doreen and told her of my worry. I knew how it sounded as I was explaining it to her and knew that she must’ve thought I was crazy. But I begged and pleaded her to go and check on her. She did, when she got to the house the door was wide open, my Grandmother had collapsed due to heat exhaustion in her hallway after a walk.

Doreen woke her up and helped her to her sofa and made her a cold glass of water. She was dehydrated and over heated from the bare sun. My grandma was fine and she is to this day, however that uncontrollable thought in my head on that day made me realise we live in a deeply interconnected, spiritual world that we have no control over.

From that day on my fascination with spirituality grew and grew. I eventually realised just how peaceful our planet is and just how much our bodies want to join the planet in its peacefulness, and all we have to do is listen to them communicating and treat everyone and everything as if it were an extension of yourself.

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