by Nancy
(Clive, Iowa)

Well, just I had a surgery, which is...I had a benign fatty tumor removed from the 3rd eye area, when putting vit E on the area post surgery, and energy followed my fingers as I removed them from the forehead (after applying the vit E) that was in 2000, to this day, throughout the 14 years, I have been able to manipulate this energy, I wanted it to leave my body, as I didn't understand it, and thought of it as an intruder.

A girl named Phi told me about this site, because she is trying to say perhaps I should accept it. She may be right, and maybe I need to learn more. It is difficult for me, because, I have also had many many other experiences, just so weird, I thought I needed medicine, but no...the Doctor said I didn't. I am not real crazy about all the supernatural stuff happening from time to time, I sure do not try to get it to happen. :) that's my story. I am trying to open up to accepting that perhaps this energy belongs to me, and all these years I have been praying it would leave "and go to where it belongs" Phi says perhaps I just need to get my chakras aligned :) so...

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Nov 06, 2015
by: Anonymous

wow, thanks for sharing

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