Prayer worked - I met a girl

by Pete

I had embarked on a camping trip with some friends in northern Ontario, by the Bruce peninsula. Prior to this trip I was having some tough times in life; my girlfriend had broken up with me and I was on the verge of losing my job. Lets just say things weren't looking too bright for me and I was feeling quite depressed and didn't have much motivation.

My friends organized this trip to give me some time away from the city and experience the wilderness. I was never one to participate in group rituals of any sort, and when one of my friends suggested we try a group prayer to try to "ward off evil spirits from me" I was fairly skeptical to say the least.

We had arrived at the camp site and got all of our tents and gear set up so we decided to go on a long hike through the woods to get some exercise.

I had never really been camping before and I was really enjoying the wilderness, I even began to feel less depressed and almost a little bit happy at that point.

The first night we all sat around the camp fire and my friend cooked up some form of herbal tea, he never told me what was in it, but said "it will calm my soul".

After drinking some tea and relaxing, one of my friends suggested we join arms and close our eyes and begin the "prayer" to ward off the evil spirits that have been tormenting my soul.

It was quite an experience and while I didn't take it very seriously when we got back to the city I had a second opinion.

I kept my job and met an amazing girl who I've been with for quite some time and we're both very happy.

Perhaps it was because of the ritual during the camping trip that my luck had suddenly turned? I wasn't sure, but whatever the case may be I'm no longer depressed and I will never forget that camping trip and the thoughtfulness of my friends.

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Nov 06, 2015
great story
by: Anonymous

what an inspiring story, thank you

Dec 05, 2014
Connections - great story
by: Simona

What a great story Pete! Thank you for sharing.
All the best to both of you,

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