Sinking ship

by Sue

One time I was sleeping with my husband next to me. I woke up from a bad dream that seemed so real I was hysterical.

In my dream I was on a large cruise ship with my aunt and uncle. As we were boarding the ship I expressed fear to my aunt and uncle that the cruise ship would sink. My aunt and uncle simply giggled at me as we boarded the ship. My uncle said to me "Cruise Ships this big don't sink anymore, maybe in the old days."

I still remained very anxious as i looked at all the other passengers. Shortly into our setting sail the huge boat slammed on its side and we were tossed on top of each other.

The water started pouring through the doors and the ship began to sink. I woke up and reached to my husband awakening him from his sleep a 4:00 a.m. in the morning. I was half crying and could hardly breathe I told him I had dreamed I had been on a cruise ship with my aunt and uncle and it was sunk. He told me "you are just having a bad dream. Go back to sleep. I must be up in an hour for work!" I laid there quietly catching my breath glad it was just a dream and fell back to sleep.

Upon my husband turning on the television in the morning while getting ready for work "he shouted oh my god honey a cruise ship in Finland sunk last night over 950 people are dead. How could you have known that? You scare me!"

Keep in mind the ship sunk while I was dreaming it. There were no televisions or radios on in the whole house that night. I just dreamed something while it was really happening across the world. I had experienced this type of thing many times before, but this time my husband was a witness to the whole thing and it even scared him.

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Nov 19, 2014
by: Simoma

Dear Sue,
Thank you for sharing your story. Dean Radin, one of the top parapsychology researchers has done studies with results that seem to confirm your experience.

As more research is done, we learn that yes, we can dream about something that is actually happening somewhere else or is about to happen (pre-cognitive dreams).

The Universe is interconnected, time and space as we know it, are only one aspect of existence and reality. There is much more to be discovered.

Be well,

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