Spooky encounter

by Tanaya

The other day while I was asleep, I had this strange dream, except I didn't feel like I was dreaming. I was floating above my bed, looking down at myself, just observing my body while it lay motionless.

That wasn't all though, I also felt like I knew there were strangers in my house, walking from room-to-room. They weren't taking anything or harming me in any way, but they were trespassing, and I felt like I needed to get them out of my home.

It was really strange, but at that moment, I was myself again laying in bed, and my eyes opened. I got up out of bed, remembering exactly what had happened in my dream, knowing I had to find these strangers and get rid of them.

When I left my room, I stood at the top of the landing in the hallway looking down into the kitchen and living room below, and I saw for a split second what I could only describe as a ghost.

It was some sort of pearly white figure in the shape of a woman dressed in very old, ragged clothing.

Dumbfounded, I shouted at the woman, she turned for head for a brief moment to look at me, and then she disappeared. Her eyes were all sunken in and her mouth was open, but she didn't say or do anything of significance when she looked at me briefly.

Feeling pretty scared at this point, I started to move downstairs slowly, planning on investigating the area I had seen the old lady. I walked into that room, looked all around, and nothing looked out of the ordinary.

However, it did feel a little cooler than usual in that room, especially for the time of year. Besides that though, there was nothing to suggest that any kind of suspicious activity had been going on.

I'm not sure what I really saw, or what prompted my dream or the whole experience, but whatever it was, I feel like it was all trying to tell me something. What was it trying to tell me? I'll probably never know, but that was the first time something like that had ever happened to me, and it sure was a spooky encounter.

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Nov 19, 2014
You have the answers
by: Simona

Hello Tanaya,

Thank you for sharing your dream.

What do you think the experience or the dream was telling you? Can you be quiet enough for a while and ask your unconscious mind for some answers?

Our dreams are our unconscious mind speaking to us. How are your boundaries? Can you say "No" to others? Would you like to be able to say "no" more often and easier?

Do you have time for yourself? For self-care and nurturing?

These are some of the questions worth pondering with a dream like that.

Be well,

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