Strange ability

Ok, so weird question for you all...

I am an empathic person, I am slightly sensitive to spirits/ghosts/entities what have you, and I can dream walk as well as astral project (although my fiancee has warned me against using the astral projection due to dangers involved).

My question is this: I have this strange ability which I will attempt to describe in my own words but I don't know what it is called or if it has a name, and if it is prevalent among most people or is it unique among certain individuals.

I describe it as a reservoir of energy inside me that I can "tap into" at will. That energy is very potent, often volatile and somewhat dangerous. I say somewhat dangerous because for years when I would use it I would become enraged very easily. I'd say it is similar to "seeing red."

In the past two years I have learned a LOT about myself that I instinctively knew but never fully recognized (like ghost sensitivity or dream-walking, I was always like that but never knew it was real). I have learned to use this energy to my advantage recently, tapping into it as a "pick me up" to wake myself back up if I was feeling tired or lethargic or to focus on tasks. I have to be careful to regulate it though as to not let it get out of hand.

I compare it to driving a car with nitrous, it gives the vehicle a sudden boost when you need it, but if you are not experienced you can easily loose control and crash. But if you know how to handle the car under those conditions you can use this to your advantage in a number of ways.

The other thing about this is that I think it raises my internal body
temperature when I do this because I definitely feel hot or at least warmer than I did before "tapping in." I would use this on purpose for certain things like a quick run to the trash bin in the parking lot at work when it is cold out so I don't have to wear a jacket.

When I am done using said energy to focus or whatever, I then focus on my breathing and do a "quick" meditation session to calm myself down to normal levels so I can relax. I can do this for extended periods of time but it wears down my ability to "think before I speak/leap."
For some reason I just let whatever fly out of my mouth without thinking, or I make repeated impulse related decisions while in this "mode."

I've been trying to use it sparingly as to not make an utter fool of myself or to randomly snap for no apparent reason.

If anyone has ANY idea what this is, please let me know. I am curious about this (and the other aforementioned topics at the beginning of this rant).

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Aug 16, 2015
inner energy
by: Celestial

it sounds like you have kundalini rising.

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