The comfort of God

I suppose discussing a single spiritual experience is a bit difficult for me, because for me, God is always part of my life and present.

His influence is always around me and has been since I was a child. To come up with one occasion to illustrate that, I would point to when I acquired my job almost fifteen years ago.

I looked at a couple of places, and tried, what everyone does to get a job. I remember praying, and then having a friend call me up saying that she had passed up on her job and suggested me.

From that second, I stopped stressing. I stopped thinking about it. There was a peace that came over me even before the interview happened and I was able to tell people that I’d be moving to Dallas soon and taking the position that opened up.

I remember the stress and panic before the existed and how quickly it disappeared after the prayers. I remember the sense of peace that came about and the calm assurances that God gave me from that moment on.

In the years since when I’ve wondered what was going on or been tempted to stress over things, I remember how quickly things fell into place and how much God took his hand and placed it on my search for both a career and a life.

Now, when I teach the students at the school where I work, I pray that that same spirit shows through me that existed fifteen years ago and that moved my life in His hands, and I hope that they too can trust him like I do.

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