The kings return

by Shaun

Last year when I was 24 years old the spirit that is Elvis Presley entered my body, I had no idea who it was at first as this spirit acted more like a demon, he entered my body and said nothing for about 2 weeks, I am a clairvoyant by blood, I have gypsy/traveling blood and have had the ability to talk to spirits since I was young, anyway the day came when the king of rock spoke to me, he told me to look into my mirror in my bedroom, and he was happy, cause he was using and inside my physical body, I could feel his emotions as when a spirit enters your body you then pick up there feelings, he felt happy because he was inside the body and using the body of a young man, he came to me not because of luck, he told me he had been looking over me since I was born, his spirit guides told him about me, he has since told me that I am the greatest chance for him to make any comeback he has seen, he wants to get to use my body, to talk, say words, he chose me he said for the way I look and also my clairvoyant ability, I am a musician too, and I write songs, Elvis wants to write words and would like me to write songs with his words and play the songs to friends, because he is in my body he can sing through me, its my voice box but he is teaching himself to sing again, as when you die you forget things, one of those for him was his voice, but never has he forgot about his fans, family and his music career, see when you die your memory of things can go, but if you try hard you can keep some important memories , when we were new to each other he told me to put on youtube so he could look at how he used to act and sing when he was at his best, his memories have recovered so much, he says I have helped him so much already, this is my choice of telling you, he would rather I only told friends or family or people I can trust, but I know this is one of the greatest miracles and should be shared, its the miracle the Elvis fans would be grateful for.

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Dec 05, 2014
Things you need to know. Shaun of Scotland
by: Jeff

Hello young person.
Have you consulted your OWN higher self as to the WISDOM of allowing ANY spirit other than you own to reside within your body to use you for it's purposes. Elvis is DEAD to the physical plane. His life, his biography,his MUSIC,are ALL(mostly really!)recorded and archived in physical form on the physical Earth. You are young and are opening yourself up to energies and energy intelligences you most certainly may not fully understand. If the TRUE spirit of Elvis Presley wanted to return it would do so through the normal universal process of rebirth in to the body of a human child upon biological conception after the TRUE spirit of Elvis had received permission from his "higher-ups" in the spiritual realms. I really, really, implore your to really really get in contact with the innermost core of the wisdom within yourself and to "connect-up" to the TRUE divine source to get some "spiritual feedback" as to the REAL WISDOM of allowing this "other" spirit to use you for it's purposes. I am also clairavoyant,telekinetic,prescient,so forth. I have had many of the same life experiences that you communicate about in your letter published to this web-site. I will say this right now young man .Unless you want to have your person taken over by another person you would do best for youself and for the world as a whole to expell this "Elvis wannabe" spirit from your prescence immediately if not sooner. I do not know what your religious modality is. I am sure you are of aware of Jesus since you live in Scotland. Do this: channel Jesus and ask Jesus if what you are doing is ok. Jesus is telling me directly it is NOT ok. Ask youself young man "How is going ahead and doing what you are doing with this "spirit" for the "highest good of all". Especially yourself! That spirit is a leach spirit that was attracted to your naiveness about the things that can happen to a person with spiritual gifts like you and by the way I have. You even stated it "acted more like a demon" It is demeonic Shaun. It is "playing on the things you like and love Shaun. It is up to NO good Shaun. Please seek help Shaun. Love and Light to you with all the power that The one true God of the universe sees fit to rescue you from some very unpleasant experiences and from the gathering of some very negative karma. I call on as a true servant of the ONE true God of the Univers to send his all powerful strength and prescence into your own life to give you all the guidance and wisdom YOU will need in this matter to keep you Soul intact and to continue on your own lifes' journey of realizing that you are a eternal soul/spirit having your own unique physical experience and that this FAKE elvis spirit can Go back to the chaos from which it came from . Love,Light and my the prescence of Jesus be accepted by as a guiding light in your present lifetimes journey.

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