Unforgettable Astral Travel experience

by Venus

I have this very unforgettable experience when I was younger. I think I was still a teenager; I was still in high school when this happened.

While I was asleep, I felt as though my own soul had been suddenly separated from my body!

I was just trying to get up from lying down in my sleep as usual, but the part of me that was able to get up was not my physical body, but some other consciousness, which some may call as our astral body.

All of a sudden, I was able to see my own physical body lying down. I saw my face, my body, my clothes, all peaceful and asleep.

I was looking at my own body! And I wasn’t doing it from a mirror. I should have been terrified. I should have been afraid!

But I was not. I was calm and peaceful.

In fact, I felt a different kind of calm all over me. Everything was so serene and peaceful that no kind of fear could overpower that feeling.

As I observed other things around me, it’s as if a different kind of light was all around me. It was a bright light, but that bright light didn’t hurt my eyes at all.

And the light and the peace seem to have been woven together.

I also saw the window of our house. I wanted to go there. I wanted to totally leave my physical body and get out of the window!

But then I thought that if I leave, I may not be able to come back anymore. So I prayed that God may help me come back because I still wanted to do many things.

And I was able to come back and reunite with my physical self.

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