What might happen

by Valerie

Surprisingly, Some things that I dreamed from 6 months ago to two years ago or even more, have started coming true.

It all started when I was watching my favorite Persian movie series, I was on a part with a general talking to a soldier. Suddenly, I remembered that about approx. six months ago I dreamed of that specific scene.

Then other small things I dreamed that I can't remember right now have been coming true. The last time, two weeks ago, a dream came true was when I was sitting down, watching T.V, and I saw a scene of Gaza being attacked by army forces and it specifically showed a boy running around and sobbing his poor heart out.it was then I remembered about a year ago,that actually dreamed it.

Now, I am going to explain my "helper's visits'" Last year, I started having occasional sadness, and sometimes, out of nowhere a yellow butterfly would appear.

Awkward, but it gave me a sense that someone knows what I'm actually going through and a small feeling that something GIANT was going to happen, from P.E class outside to the traffic I'm stuck in, the yellow butterfly seemed it was trying it's best.

I was in a episode of depression months after the butterflies occasional visits. I suddenly cried out with all love left within my heart to ask my Guardian Angel to at least help me out in a way that I'll get through. The next morning, my social anxieties, depression, racing thoughts 24/7 had actually calmed down!

And from then on I at least see the yellow butterfly about 1-5 times per week as long as I'm outside. But shortly after that, I couldn't really sense anything (Negative entities, silhouettes, etc.) I've seen occasional shadow people and a navy blue auras in my home, but that's about it!

Shortly after my abilities started fading away, I started feeling minor emotions, that weren't mine. If I went into a specific room, I could sometimes tell the emotion of that room? Maybe people as well sometimes, because currently, I'm trying to avoid my Spanish teacher because as soon as I get into the classroom I'd feel her sudden depression and stress?

Right after that, I started to have these weird dreams! Dreams of a girl about 9-13?, It was based in India or Bangladesh, I think in a Children's Institute or business.

The walls of the building were like wooden forts, like the ones the first American Soldiers used. We did business of making and folding clothe, I felt like I was captured and put there and I had nothing else but to look for my brother! I was her in the dream, and I felt like I was her because I remember looking into the mirror and looking dearly similar! The eyes, I saw the eyes exactly like mine! I felt like I lived her life, in a way?

And, just last night, I had dreams of earthquakes, giant ones. People were dying, it was just, just AWFUL!. There was a map of the world in the sky, and I saw, between the United States with all parts and the Russia with Africa and all its parts, there was Frozen ICE between them, and I saw the ice trying to break apart and hit together like to be a Pangaea? Which caused all the horrors.

I think I'm crazy to this point because I don't believe this last paragraph will happen. But, I would like to ask for advice and help on how to cope, and a brief thought on what might is happening or what might happen. Thank you all for reading and helping, I highly appreciate it.

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Nov 19, 2014
Dream complexities
by: Simona

Dear Valerie,
I can imagine how unsettling your dream might be for you. While it is true that we can have pre-cognitive dreams (we dreams of something that happens later), most of our dreams are messages from our subconscious mind.

Earthquakes can mean that you have some deeply buried fear or anxiety that wants to make itself known. Or perhaps you are going through some personal turmoil and you feel like your ground is being shook underneath you.

Dreams are very individual and based on many many factors in your life and your history.

I can imagine how unsettling those dreams must be. What can you do to help yourself? What helped you in the past?

Take care of yourself and thank you for sharing.

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