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Chakra Wisdom, Issue #001
April 12, 2015

Root Chakra and the Blood Moon

This issue of Chakra Wisdom brings you tips how to deal with emotional issues related to the effects of the Blood Moon on the Root Chakra, How to Cleanse your Aura, and How to See Auras.

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Chakra Anatomy

Issue #01, April 12, 2015

April is a wonderful month, full of possibility, potential, and healing…

It is sunny and windy here in beautiful British Columbia and today we even had some hail! Talk about everything changing all the time… Life is in constant motion and so is Chakra Anatomy.

What’s new?

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Big thank you to Kori Jock for designing the downloadable chakra affirmations poster. Kori is an underwear designer and maker. You can read her story here. She also designed beautiful, handmade with love, and comfy line of Chakra underwear.

Root Chakra and the Blood Moon

April’s Blood Moon (Total Lunar Eclipse) has brought much upheaval to many beings. Intense emotions and long buried memories were coming up to the surface. Many beings experienced root chakra issues and imbalances.

If you are not familiar with root chakra issues, visit Root Chakra to learn more.

For more information about specific gifts and challenges of the Root Chakra, associated with color red, visit Root Chakra Color.

If you are continuing to feel the effects of the Blood Moon, vocal toning of of the seven chakra vowels will help to move energy through the body.

What is vocal toning of chakras?

Each chakra has a particular sound, a vowel, that creates a certain vibration in the body when vocalized out loud.

For the root chakra, the vowel is O. Purse your lips and say outloud "O". Repeat saying the "O" in a continuous stream of sound. Pay attention to how it feels in the body. You will notice that you feel a deep slow vibration.

Continue with the rest of the chakras.

To balance the effects of the Blood Moon, pay special attention to the root chakra. For an added balancing effect, visualize each chakra's color as you vocalize the vowel.

Here are the vowels and colors for the chakras:

Root Chakra: O, red

Sacral Chakra: Oo, orange

Solar Plexus Chakra: Ah, yellow

Heart Chakra: Ay, green

Throat Chakra: Eee, blue

Third Eye Chakra: Mmmm, indigo

Crown Chakra: Ng, violet

The next Blood Moon will be on September 28, 2015 and will complete a rare cycle of 4 Blood Moons.

Aura Cleansing

Another way to balance your subtle body and to bring more harmony to your being is through Aura Cleansing.

Every being has an aura, also called the Human Energy Field. Since we are all interconnected, our auras interact with the auras of other beings.

And not only we are affected by auras of other beings, we are also affected by the Cosmos. Lunar eclipses, solar flares, our environment has a definite impact on the subtle body. Learn how you can cleanse your aura.

How to See Auras

Have you ever wanted to learn how to see auras? How to see your aura or the aura of others? It is actually quite simple, although it does require practice and discipline (much like learning anything else new!). You can learn the steps here…

That’s all for now…

Wishing you kindness, gentleness, and self-compassion on your journey. Whether you are experiencing peace and joy, or going through emotional upheaval, it is all part of the journey of unfolding.

In the next issue, I will talk about self-compassion through difficult times.

I will also talk about pendulums and how to use a pendulum to open and balance the seven chakras.


With loving kindness,


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