Root Chakra Color Meanings

Chakra Anatomy

What is the meaning of root chakra color on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels? Explore red color in depth, learn what it means and what it represents.

The first of the seven energy centers, Muladhara is also the most dense of the seven chakras. The main color of this chakra is red which is also the most dense color of all chakra colors.

Red is the slowest of all the wavelengths within the visible spectrum, yet, it is the most stimulating color.

It pulls the retina forward so all of our energy and attention is focused outward.

That's why we use red color for the stop lights and stop signs. The root chakra color commands attention. It signals danger to us. We act immediately.

Red is the color of the life force. It is the color of blood and the first color we come into contact when we are born.

Red means energy and our connection with the Earth and carries the promise of survival.

Physical level

On a physical level red is associated with adrenal glands - the glands whose function is associated with the "fight or flight" response - the instinctual survival response. People who are drawn to red enjoy being in their physical bodies and here on earth.


  • ability to relax & be still
  • good physical health
  • healthy blood, tissues, organs
  • healthy body weight
  • vitality
  • energy
  • disconnected from the body
  • obesity
  • sluggishness
  • inflammation
  • cramps
  • irritation
  • eating disorders
  • depression

Mental level

The energy of red is masculine, it is dynamic, outgoing, can be somewhat forceful and it is dominant. It commands attention. People who are drawn to red are ambitious, highly practical and oftentimes they are drawn to politics.


  • concentration
  • persistence
  • clear thinking
  • ability to set goal
  • ability to prioritize


  • poor focus
  • disorganized
  • pessimism
  • negative thinking about life
  • narrow thinking

Emotional level

On an emotional level, root chakra color is the energy of anger. What do you do with anger? Do you blow up? Or do you repress it?

Do you become depressed? Depression is too much red energy (anger) turned inward. Learning to get in touch with your anger and transform it is an important work of red chakra.


  • righteous anger
  • passion
  • love
  • excitement
  • determination


  • anger and rage
  • frustration
  • resentment
  • anxiety
  • depression

Spiritual level

Chakra Anatomy

Energy, passion, action, movement, change, and excitement are the hallmarks of root chakra color.

Red is a color of action. It moves us, awakens us, and guides us towards change. It is the color of passion and righteous anger. The color of revolution, movement, and progress.

Red is the color that helped women to form Mothers Against Drunk Drivers and other similar organizations. Red energy is courage, daring, but also energy of love. What do you feel when you see red roses?


  • love
  • passion
  • commitment
  • sense of trust in others and Universe
  • courage
  • strength
  • daring


  • stubbornness
  • unwilling to expand a viewpoint
  • not connected to one's core self, soul, or spirit

Red and your bank account

No discussion of red color (or root chakra color) would be complete without mentioning that red color is associated with prosperity, abundance, and financial health. Red is the primary color of manifestation and prosperity.

Do you feel that you deserve a raise? Bring more red into your life. Start wearing red clothes or drink red color charged water. You can also use visualizations with red color to increase your prosperity.

What do you think about red?

Do you like to wear red? How does red make you feel? What does red mean to you? What does red remind you of? Share your thoughts about root chakra colors.

What others said....

I like red color but i don't like to wear red color clothes. I think red is very hot. It is the color of blood and fire. It is the color of love, passion and sex. I am not comfortable while i wear a red color dress. But i like this color. I like red flowers and all. People who wear red color dress seem to be very energetic. People who dislike this color may be introverted. ~A.S.

I think red is kind of a loud colour. I like it sometimes, if I'm in the mood for it. It makes you stand out, so if I'm in a situation where I don't want to be noticed, I wouldn't wear red. I think red, when used in make up, can work quite well, like in red lipstick or nail polish. I don't have any opinions for or against people who like red. I think it's a personal choice. ~ Susan

I like red color and I wear red cloths. At parties I wear red dress as it looks formal and people look beautiful in red dress and look hot. Red color never make me angry its a cool color. If you think positive, any color will give you positive feelings. People with fair complexion should try to wear red - as it looks good on them. It's all in your mind, think positive and red will give you best look and energy. Nowadays, people color their hair red so red is in and too good color. ~ Luna

Red is the dominant color of my country flag.(Turkey). It reminds me first the Turkish flag. I love very much the red color. I prefer red clothing. Because the color red is warm and attractive. Especially the red light is cute for dark rooms. Also red light on the advertisements adds extra charm for product. There is a phrase in my language related to color red: "The Arabic peoples trouble is red shoes." We use this phrase for nonsense situations. I prefer red in most cases. For example: Clothes, car color, sitting room,mugs,etc. ~ Anonymous

Red is a color that hurts my eyes when it's on paper. It's hard to see and read. I get headaches that will last for a few years. The color of red in nature is beautiful. It charges out at you boldly and strong while blowing in the breeze gracefully. When I wear red, I wear it to show strength. That I'm on top of my game... When presenting at a meeting or during conference. It's a business color for me. ~ Anonymous

I used to like red since I was little but it was never my favorite color, but I liked to look at it. Then it all changed in college at an art appreciation class. The professor said shy people never wore red due to its attention. Since then I never had worn anything in red, as I am a shy person. ~ T.T.

My husband wore a red shirt to a Christmas party & I was angry all night at him for no reason. Then I figured it out. Red made me angry! ~ Pat


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