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Aura colors, the hues, the sharpness, and the intensity of colors, provide information about your emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. In this article, I explain what is color and the meaning of aura colors...

What is color? Where does this color come from? Why do chakras and auras have color?

Color is a wave travelling through space.

Our eyes register different colors of the electromagnetic spectrum based on the space between the peaks of the waves.

The brain interprets these spaces between waves into colors. I talk more about the science of color and provide a diagram with different wavelenghts in the article Chakra Colors.

Our energy bodies, the chakras and the aura, show colors because the energy bodies are vibrating at different frequencies. You will see these frequencies, waves, as colors in the auric field.

What do aura colors mean?

How do we make sense of what we are seeing?

How can we interpret this information?

Aura Color Meanings

Green Aura

Green color in the aura indicates growing compassion, love, and a desire to be of service, to help others. It is a color of balance, harmony, and a feeling of that I am OK, you are OK, and everything else is OK.

This color reflects personal growth, openess of the heart, willingness to change and transform.

Muddier shades of green can indicate posessivness and fear of being unlovable.

Blue Aura

Blue color, one of the easiest to see in the aura, indicates peace, quiet order, and person who can speak her truth, she knows her own authority. It reflects quietness, calm, and seriousness. Person with a lot of blue has a strong sense of purpose, is sensitive, and has a developed inner guide or teacher.

It can also indicate loneliness and a journey of coming home, coming to higher Self, or Essence.

Darker blue is an indication of connection to the deep mysteries of spiritual life, intuition, creative imagination, clairaudience, and telepathy.

Purple Aura

Purple in the aura indicates that a person is integrating the physical plane and the spiritual plane. It indicates a blending of heart and mind, as well as a sense of leadership.

Purple indicates intuition, high imagination, visualization, and connection to the world of dreams. People with purple aura have an ability to lucid dream, astral travel, and other psychic abilities.

Gold Aura or Golden Aura

Gold in the aura indicates that a person is in the process of higher spiritual development and is coming to her true personal power, her Essence, or Being, without the constraints of the Ego.

Gold means that you are connected to higher power or God, and that you are inspired, devoted, and are coming to a time of revitalization.

It is a color of higher mind, understanding of the patterns of the Universe and of the laws of the Universe.

Gold in the aura around the hairline indicates high spiritual develpment.

Pink Aura

Pink in aura indicates softness, yielding of love for others. It is a color of growing compassion, tenderness, kindness, and gentle nature.

When seen in aura along with other pastel colors, it can indicate a quiet, modest person, with love for all of humanity.

The muddier shades can indicate emotional imbalance. Perhaps the person is gives too much and sacrifices their own needs.

Yellow Aura

One of the easiest aura colors to see is yellow. It is the color of sunshine, happiness, optimism, and awakening psychic abilities.

Yellow arround the hairline can indicate spiritual development, growing wisdom, new ideas, intellect, sense of appropriatness, and mental clarity.

Muddier shades of yellow can indicate being too critical, overanalyzing and excessive thinking.

Red Aura

Red is a strong color associated with basic, primal urges. It signals connection to the earth, vital energy, and enthusiasm for life on this plane of existence.

People with a lot of red in their aura have a zest for life and a desire to succeed and excell in this world.

Muddier shades of red can indicate anger held deep within the structure of personality. This anger serves as a protective mechanism for the Being to survive in the world.

Orange Aura

Orange in the aura is associated with ambition, creativity, and sexual energy. It is a passionate color and people who have a lot of orange in their aura are emotionaly expressive.

If the colors are muddy, it can indicate emotional imbalance such as pride, flamboyance or vanity.

Black Aura

Black color is often thought of as dark, negative energy. In my experience, seeing black in the aura is also a sign of peacefulness. Depending on the overall color of the aura, the vibrancy of colors, black in the aura tells me that the person is experiencing a level of peace and quietness.

Black can also indicate an imbalance or a physical blockage. Especially if it is seen close to a body part, for example a knee, it can indicate blockage in that area and the person can be experiencing pain in that area. Black can also be a sign of death and rebirth process.

Grey Aura

Similar to black, grey in the aura can indicate blockages in certain body parts, especially if darker and muddier shades of grey are found close to a body part.

Grey can also indicate that a person is going through a spiritual opening and their innate abilities, like intuition and creative imagination are awakening.

You need to use wisdom when interpreting aura colors of other people. When you are seeing aura colors of others, you are seeing this through your own aura, through your own colors. There is a possibility that what you are seeing is a blend of your own color and the other person's color.

For example, if your aura color is blue and the other person's color is red, you may be seeing purple in the aura of the other person.

Most of the times, your brain makes an adjustment and "discards" your own color, but sometimes it may not.

So, learning to see auras is easy, but as you have learned, interpreting what we see, the meaning of what we see, is more complex.

Simona Sebastian

Simona Sebastian is the founder of Simona's curiosity led her from science and computer programming studies, to exploration of subtle energy, healing, and consciousness.

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