Benefits of Reiki

Reconnect your Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit with Reiki Healing Energy.

Reiki is a holistic healing technique. This means that Reiki works on all four levels of our being and therefore there are many benefits of Reiki. This healing energy can impact you on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

I see Reiki as limitless in its possibilities, it can guide you and serve you in what you need right now. Reiki benefits can be seen on all four levels of being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Physical Level

On a physical level, Reiki supports the body's natural ability to heal itself, helping to release blockages, toxins, and relieve pain. Getting in touch with natural healing energy, Reiki can also help you to make better choices in your nutrition, become more aware and in tune with your body, helping you to develop greater awareness of your body's needs.

Mental Level

On a mental level, Reiki energy can help you to witness your thoughts and negative patterns. Once you become aware of your thoughts, you have the power to change them. This is not about positive thinking, this is about learning about your thoughts and becoming aware of your thoughts, so you can consciously make a decision whether the thoughts are serving you or not.

Emotional Level

On an emotional level, Reiki can help you get in touch with the depths of your emotions and can help you to transform whatever energy you would like to transform. Reiki can help you cultivate more positive emotions, such as love, compassion, kindness, connection, sharing, intimacy and more.

Spiritual Level

On a spiritual level, Reiki can help you to love and accept yourself. To have self-compassion and compassion for others. It can help you to connect with the divine and help you to feel that you are a part of something larger. For me, Reiki is like coming home. I feel present, connected, loved, and I know that I am a part of this large thing called "the Universe".

Other benefits of Reiki:

  • Universal force of life
  • Accessible to anyone
  • Reiki is empowering – the receiver does not feel helpless
  • Safe touch is healing
  • Complements western medicine
  • The power and responsibility for healing lies within the individual – Reiki embraces this principle
  • Helpful in emergency situations
  • Stress relief
  • Pain reduction
  • Help with a healing process after surgery
  • Concentration and focus on your task
  • Self care tool
  • Sleeping aid – self healing helps you to fall asleep easier
  • Brings peace and serenity
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Helpful in palliative care
  • Helpful during labour and delivery
  • Combined with psychotherapy helps the client to relieve stress and access unconscious material with more ease
  • Brings clarity of thought
  • Helpful for students studying for exams
  • Cooperation at meetings, encourages team spirit and the feeling of oneness
  • Useful for chakra balancing and chakra healing
  • Aura healing
  • Tool for self-development and transformation
  • Spiritual tool, helps to connect with the Divine
  • Helps to access deeper parts of ourselves
  • Chronic pain problems

I believe that Reiki is limitless. Healing is limitless. You can be creative with Reiki, combine different healing modalities with Reiki and use what you think will be best for you and for your highest good.

You may want to combine color, crystals, chakras, meditation, mindfulness, chanting, or yoga with Reiki and see what it brings you.

Be creative. Find your own way of healing and what works for you. I believe that we are all healers and we can find the healing power within us.

My healing journey may look a little different than yours, but that is exactly where the beauty lies, that we can all find our own ways, step into our own power, discover our innate healing abilities and connect with the deeper parts of ourselves.

Simona Sebastian

Simona Sebastian is the founder of Simona's curiosity led her from science and computer programming studies, to exploration of subtle energy, healing, and consciousness.

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