Solar Plexus Chakra Color Meanings

Chakra Anatomy

What is the meaning of solar plexus chakra color on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels? Explore this bright, lively color in depth, learn what it means and what it represents.

Yellow - the solar plexus chakra color is a primary color, composed from a single ray of light.

Yellow is the color of sunshine and it is the core of your being. It is at the solar plexus where the "I" shines from, where you feel the strength, will and personal power.

The energy of yellow is vibrant, optimistic, and full of energy. It is the color of youth, new beginnings, birth and re-birth.

At the same time, yellow is wise and knowledgeable.

Yellow connects you with knowledge and your intellect. People who are drawn to yellow are drawn to intellectual pursuits.

As you unfold the petals of solar plexus chakra, you find a fire that burns within you, that gives you power and energy to stand for yourself and to assert yourself. You find trust and inner worth. That is the healing brilliance of yellow.

Physical level

On a physical level yellow relates to the solar plexus, stomach, digestive organs, middle back, pancreas, liver, and muscles.

People with strong yellow energy stand tall and radiate power. Those with weak yellow energy appear collapsed in the middle, they are slouching - their back or abdominal muscles are weak.


  • healthy digestion
  • strong core body
  • healthy eating habits
  • vibrant and energetic
  • radiating health
  • physical strength


  • hypoglycemia, diabetes
  • chronic fatigue
  • hypertension
  • digestive disorders
  • disorders of liver, pancreas, and gall bladder
  • fibromyalgia

Mental level

Yellow energy is will, autonomy, and self-definition. It is the building block of personal development and power. Yellow represents the developmental stage when we begin to learn to use language.


  • mental courage
  • intellect
  • ability to assimilate knowledge
  • pro-active
  • reason
  • responsible, reliable


  • cynicism
  • sarcasm
  • confusion
  • blaming of others
  • competitive
  • need to have the last word

Emotional level

Chakra Anatomy

Playfulness, confidence and healthy self-esteem are hallmarks of solar plexus chakra color.

Yellow is an expansive color. The gift of this solar plexus chakra color is that you radiate bright energy to others letting them know you are strong and confident at the core.

The challenge is when this energy is blocked or excessive and it manifests as contraction of this bright energy.


  • healthy self-esteem
  • warmth in personality
  • confidence
  • sense of humor, playfulness
  • sense of personal power
  • balanced emotionally
  • healthy ego strength


  • selfishness, self-centeredness
  • shame
  • domination, manipulation
  • stubbornness
  • low self-esteem
  • temper tantrums

Spiritual level

The spiritual aspect of yellow energy is instinctual knowing and growing into spirit. The developmental task of the solar plexus chakra is autonomy and the development of the self. However, on the spiritual level, we must always remember who we truly are and not to get lost in the "self" identification.


  • deep self-knowledge
  • deep personal power stemming from intrinsic value
  • freedom of choice
  • open to the greater life, the Spirit
  • fearlessness
  • sensing everything is a lesson for personal and spiritual growth


  • stuck in ego
  • unable to see/feel connection with the greater life
  • fear of death
  • feelings of worthlessness
  • unable to accept spiritual lessons

Yellow and Self-Esteem

No discussion of the solar plexus chakra color would be complete without talking about self-esteem - your fundamental power.

So, what is self esteem?

Self esteem is how you feel about yourself. It is your thoughts and feelings about yourself. For example: I feel good about myself. I am kind and compassionate. I am competent. I like my body.

Healthy self esteem means that you have basic trust in yourself. That you have a sense of self that does not fall apart when you are faced with challenges or things do not go your way.

When you have a healthy self esteem, you know that it's ok to make mistakes. And that you can learn from mistakes.

The level of your self esteem determines how you behave in life - how you interact with others, spouse, children, friends, coworkers, authority figures, and strangers.

When you have high self esteem, you have a drive to express yourself and to communicate openly and honestly about your needs and desires.

You choose healthy relationships and you recognize the value of these relationships. You treat others with respect, non judgmental attitude, and fairness.

When I want to feel stronger and more self assured I sometimes consciously choose to wear the solar plexus chakra color yellow. I noticed that when I wear yellow, I have more energy, I express myself openly, I stand taller and I am happier.

What do you think about yellow?

What do you think about solar plexus chakra color yellow? Do you like to wear yellow? How does yellow make you feel? What does yellow mean to you? What does yellow remind you of? Share your thoughts.

What others said....

Yellow and gold express me to the T. My best experience with yellow was when i went outside and found my husband painting test swatches of yellow on our house. We lived in a very conservative area. It was supposed to be a surprise. My home that I raised my family in was painted a beautiful yellow to say I Love You.

I like the color yellow because it reminds me of my best friend Kristine. Yellow is her favorite color. Yellow makes me feel warm and happy because it is the color of the sun. I like how yellow is bright too. It can brighten my day if I see it on a wall or someone's shirt.

I like yellow because I like bright, warm colors. I have worn yellow blouses before. Yellow is the color of sunshine so it automatically makes you smile when you wear it. I think people who wear yellow tend to be lively and like to take a risk. There are those who don't like yellow because they feel it does not go with everything or they just don't like the color. Some people feel a little yellow goes a long way.

Actually I don't like yellow color that much. For me, people who like yellow color are crooked and cunning. In my view, yellow colored dresses brings me bad luck. The color is a pleasant one, but I don't love it. A light yellow shade is a good selection for painting houses. For some people, it brings positive energy, but for persons like me, it brings strong negative vibrations.

In my community the color yellow is considered to be the color of jealousy and maybe that is why I don't like it so much. It is a happy color but I wouldn't wear too many yellow clothes. When I thought about the color yellow the first thing that came up on my mind was the sunflowers and the sun.


Simona Sebastian

Simona Sebastian is the founder of Simona's curiosity led her from science and computer programming studies, to exploration of subtle energy, healing, and consciousness.

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