What is Reiki Share?

Access Reiki healing energy with Reiki share. Simona will explain what it is and how you can start your own Reiki exchange.

Reiki share or Reiki circle is a gathering of healers and Reiki practitioners for the purpose of sharing reiki healing energy. These gatherings can take a few hours or even all day.

Depending on the group, Reiki share is free or the host may ask for a small financial contribution ($5 or $10) or a donation. This depends on how formal or informal the group is.

For several years, I was part of a group of women healers that met once a week on Tuesday evenings for a Reiki exchange. Our meetings were informal and there was no fee or donation. We did take turns in bringing some baked goodies or massage creams (we used to give each other foot massages as part of the healing - it was so relaxing!).

We gathered in the kitchen for a nice cup of herbal tea until everyone arrived. At 7pm we moved into the host's peaceful Reiki healing room that was set up with a Reiki table and several chairs along side of the table. One person got up on the table and the rest sat down on the chairs. We began giving Reiki to the person on the table. Depending of how many of us were there, each person spent about 20 minutes on the table.

Reiki circle is a great way of receiving and sharing the precious gift that Reiki is. While the time you spend on the table is shorter that you would during a regular Reiki session, but you are receiving Reiki from several pairs of hands.

Another benefit is the combined wisdom and skill. You receive healing from healers with different levels of practice and experience.

Some healers incorporate chakra healing and they balance your chakras in addition to Reiki healing. Some groups incorporate reflexology into their sessions. Some do chanting, smudging, or a variety of different rituals. It all depends on a group and the mix of people. Be open and willing to experiment.

How to start your own Reiki share

So, you have looked around in the newspapers and local yoga studios, or spiritual circles and have not found an established circle. You decided to start a new healing group. Here are some questions that you need to explore in order to start your onw Reiki circle or healing group.

  1. Ask yourself who do you want to invite. Is it a group of friends that know each other? Or would you like to have an open group that you would even advertise so anyone can join you?
  2. Will it be free or will you charge a small fee or ask for a donation? Will you be providing tea and snacks?
  3. How many people can you host at your location or would you like to find another location? Have a look at your space where you would like to hold Reiki share. Maybe you will be putting chairs around the table or maybe you will choose that people will be standing at the table. Will you have one table or more?
  4. How can you make the room inviting, safe, and comfortable? Do you have a blanket for the person on the table? Do you have a pillow? What about candles, essential oils, Reiki music, art or any other objects?
  5. Will you start with a meditation? Will you draw Reiki symbols?
  6. Will everyone need to be experienced Reiki practitioner or will you accept those who never practiced Reiki and were never attuned?
  7. Will the participants live according to the five Reiki principles?

These are just some questions to help you start your own Reiki share. If you have never been to one before and want to start a group on your own, I would recommend starting with a small group and evolve from there. There are many questions that will arise for you as you begin your new group. It is part of a process of forming a circle and letting it evolve and unfold spontaneously.

Simona Sebastian

Simona Sebastian is the founder of Chakra-Anatomy.com. Simona's curiosity led her from science and computer programming studies, to exploration of subtle energy, healing, and consciousness.

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