Chakra Anatomy:

Discover Your Energetic Self

Perhaps you know what a chakra is or you may have read or heard about chakras. And you know that there is more to you that just the physical body. You know that your body is an energetic system through which the universal life force flows.

Seven Chakras

Your seven chakras are a part of this energetic system - they are a part of your energetic self. They connect you with the larger part of yourself, the universe, and at the same time they hold the secrets to your unique self, your unique soul.

Maybe you are curious and you want to learn more about your chakras - these powerhouses of energy - spinning wheels of life.

And maybe you want to explore ways of balancing and healing your subtle body.

Or perhaps you want to learn more about your connection to the universe - to all that is around you and within you. And maybe you'd like to re-discover and re-connect with the unique soul residing within the deepest parts of yourself.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned student, healer, or spiritual seeker, you will find much information on this website. Begin exploring basic knowledge or delve deeper into topics of healing, self discovery and transformation.

Exploring this website will help you to:

  • discover your path of healing and spiritual growth
  • learn more about who you are
  • unleash the power to direct your own life
  • find your own path
  • awaken your intuition
  • empower yourself in all aspects of life
  • find your inner balance
  • explore the seven chakras and your energetic anatomy in depth
  • learn powerful techniques to feel better emotionally, spiritually, and physically
  • master principles of energy transformation and healing
  • harness the power of your subtle body for self healing and transformation
  • gain insight into advanced energy healing wisdom

New Articles


What is Reiki? Explore this evolutionary and powerful natural system for unlocking the inner flow of your vital energy. Reiki is not only a healing tool, but also transformational and personal growth tool. It is a way to connect with the Spirit and the Universe. Also explore Healing Touch Reiki.


chakra colorsChakra Colors

Explore the deeper meaning of color and its connection with your seven chakras. Awaken your sense of self and re-connect with your soul. What is your favorite color and what does it mean?


human auraAura - Human Energy Field

The Human Energy Field (HEF), the Human Aura, is an energy field that surrounds Human Beings. Everyone has this energy field. It is a manifestation of energy, a luminous body, surrounding our physical body.


chakra balancingChakra Balancing

Your chakras are interconnected with each other and typically balancing one of your energy centres will influence another energy centre. Learn the ways to balance your subtle body.


chakra healingHealing Techniques

Discover the many methods that can help you access your energy centres to bring healing and transformation. From meditation, yoga, visualization, to energy psychology, you'll find it here.

Popular Articles

root chakraRoot Chakra

The first of the seven energy centres, Muladhara is associated with the element of earth and grounding. Explore muladhara in depth and learn how to harness the power of this energy centre.

heart chakraHeart Chakra

The centre of unconditional love and compassion, Anahata is in the center of the human energy system. Discover the hidden forces within this gentle energy centre.

third eye chakraThird Eye

Third Eye or Ajna provides the energy for spiritual reflection and insight. It allows us to experience clear thought and vision. Learn all about this control centre that allows us to cultivate strong and independent mind.

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