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Aura Cleansing

aura cleansingWe are all interconnected and our auras, or the human energy field, constantly interact with the energy field of other beings and the environment.

For example, if you feel drained or overwhelmed in large crowds or with certain people, then you have experienced this interconnectedness. Your aura, your energy field, picked up the energy of others.

That is why we want to cleanse our aura regularly. There are many ways to do this, drinking plenty of fresh, clean water a day is one way to keep your energy field humming. Taking time for yourself, meditating, engaging in arts, and anything that nourishes your soul, helps your energy field as well.

In this article, I talk about three ways you can consciously cleanse your aura: using the Earth's energy, taking a salt bath, and smudging.

How to cleanse your aura using the Earth's energy

One of my favorite ways to cleanse my aura is to use the energy of mother Earth. I spend a lot of time in nature and at least twice per week I go for long walks in the woods.

The Earth is a living, breathing, pulsing organism that emits her own energy. You can use this energy to cleanse your energetic field, to balance the vibrational frequencies of your chakras and to bring equilibrium to your subtle body.

Just being in nature, away from electromagnetic pollution, will aid in cleansing of your aura. You don't have to do anything else. Slowing down, being present, sensing the earth, the trees, the vastness of the sky, and taking deep belly breaths will help to cleanse your aura.

Sometimes I also incorporate the following ways of using the Earth's energy for aura cleansing:

  • Hugging a tree - closing my eyes and sensing the aura of the tree, allowing it to merge with my own aura. I would hug a tree also when I was feeling loneliness. The energy of loneliness is a memory from my childhood, when I was left alone for long periods of time, and by connecting with the tree in the present moment, in the here and now, the energy of loneliness dissipated.
  • Walking barefoot on grass - being present, sensing my feet on the ground, sensing the temperature, the softness, settling into the quietness and the humming of Earth's energy. Letting the energetic frequency of Earth merge with my own frequency very quickly cleanses unsettling energy.
  • Meditating under a tree, sensing my auric field, sensing the energy of nature, sensing the body's boundaries merging with Earth's energy into oneness.

Aura cleansing with sea salt

You can also cleanse your aura by taking a sea salt bath. Sea salt has wonderful electrical and cleansing effects on the body and the energetic field.

Draw a warm bath and add a cup or two of sea salt.

You can buy sea salt in a health food store, my favorite is pink himalayan salt, but any other sea salt is great for the bath. Avoid adding commercial bath products into the water as they can contain many chemicals. If you wish to use something fragrant, use pure essential oils in your bath.

Aura cleansing with a smudge stick - smudging

Another way of cleansing your aura is with smudging. A friend of mine came back from a healing journey in Peru and she used smudging every day for several months to keep her aura cleansed.

Smudging is used in many native traditions and shamanic practices as a process of cleansing. Oftentimes it is used as part of a ritual to begin or conclude ceremonies. The shaman or the healer will use a smudge for this process.

A smudge is a bundle of dried herbs also called a "smudge stick". You can make a smudge stick on your own or you can buy one at a metaphysical store.

Most commonly used herbs for smudging are: sage, cedar, and sweetgrass. Any herb can be used instead of these. My friend sometimes uses rosemary as it grows abundantly in her garden. First, she lets it dry and then ties the branches together into a tight stick.

The smudge stick is burned in a way that it produces smoke rather than a flame or fire. For your own aura cleansing, it is best to have someone to help you. If you would like to do it alone, I recommend placing the smudge stick into a safe porcelain container in order for you to have both hands free.

Light up the smudge stick, once there is smoke, scoop it up with your hands (or have a friend to do this) and with smooth rolling hand motions bring it over to the body.

Start at the top of the head and continue down towards the legs. Scoop up more smoke as you move along the body. You do not touch the body, rather you bring the smoke over to your auric field. Let your intuition guide you how far or how close to bring the smoke to the physical body.

Smudging can be used for cleansing of a room, an entire house, your car, your sacred meditation space, basically anything since all objects have aura. The smudging ritual purifies energy, auric field of all objects and spaces.


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