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Aura Healing

aura healing

All healing, including aura healing, is essentially self-healing. When we learn to access our energy field, we discover infinite field of possibility and healing potential within.

Just by learning about Aura and our energy field, we are opening ourselves up to this healing potential.

We are beginning to expand our field of consciousness and begin the healing of our thought patterns.

What is aura

Aura is an energy field. All physical matter has an aura. For human beings, this field is sometimes called human energy field, or subtle body.

It is called subtle body, because ordinarily we cannot perceive this field with our 5 senses. We need to develop an acuity, certain sensitivity to perceive subtle fields and higher vibrations.

The seven layers of aura

One of the most well known healers and teachers in the field of energy healing and aura healing is Barbara Brennan. A former NASA physicist, Barbara Brennan studied the energy around the earth and then applied the theory to the human body.

Through her work, Barbara Brennan has identified seven layers of the human energy field. The first three layers are the most dense and easiest to perceive, they pertain to the physical plane. The higher layers are vibrating at higher frequencies and are more difficult to perceive. Here are the seven layers:

  1. Etheric body - the first layer and most dense of all, is where the physical body is formed.
  2. Emotional body - the second layer is where healing of our emotions occurs and we develop self love.
  3. Mental body - the third layer comprises of the mental aspect, thoughts and beliefs. Healing of this aura layer is creating positive thought forms.
  4. Astral body - the fourth layer is on the astral plane and contains the records of all our past - childhood experience, conception, pre-conception, as well as our past life experiences.
  5. Etheric body - the fifth layer is the spiritual plane and encompasses our will, our purpose in life, in this physical form, becoming our own authority and our sense of truth.
  6. Celestial body - is also on the spiritual place and this is the layer of divine love and unconditional love for all of creation.
  7. Ketheric body - the last of the seven layers, vibrating at the highest frequency, also on the spiritual plane. This is the layer of divine wisdom, divine perfection and oneness with the universe.

Aura healing with color.

A very simple way for aura healing is with color. Color is a wave traveling through space. Depending on the wavelength, the space between the peaks - measured in nanometers nm, our eyes register different colors.

Sine wave is the measurement of energy, used to depict frequency, vibration, and waves. It is a waveform, a single frequency repeated indefinitely in time.

Your subtle body, the aura and the chakra, vibrate at different frequencies.

The color of your aura is determined not only by your internal state, your thoughts and feelings, but also by your external environment, your clothing and your surroundings.

Since everything is energy, everything interacts with everything else. There are a number of ways you can use color to support your aura healing:

  • Wearing colorful clothes - you can use different colors on different days to have a full spectrum of color healing.
  • Eating a rainbow food diet - this is not only healthy for the physical body, it is also beneficial for the other layers of the aura, including the spiritual layers.
  • Charging water with color - colored glass (you can often find colored bottles in thrift shops, or covering the top of the bottle with a transparent filter. Fill the bottle with pure spring water (not tap water) and put it in a sunny location. Leave the water in sun for about two hours. My two favorite colors for charged water are blue and orange. Blue water (water charged with blue color) is healing for the physical body, the first layer of the aura and orange water is healing for the emotional body, the second layer.
  • Color visualization - sit in a comfortable position and if it feels color visualizationcomfortable, close your eyes. Imagine a bright while light entering through your crown chakra.

This light fills your skull. Now imagine this light traveling down from your skull through your body.

Imagine the light filling your neck, your shoulders, your arms, your chest, your solar plexus, abdomen, pelvis, all the way down through the legs to the tips of your toes.

Aura healing affirmations:

Another tool for aura healing are affirmations. Affirmations work on the third layer of the aura, the Mental body, where you can heal your thought forms.

You can use these affirmations anytime during the day or as you are falling asleep. Just like during meditation, when you are falling asleep, you are accessing deeper layers of consciousness and you begin to re-pattern the thought forms embedded in the aura.

Repeating healing affirmations as you are falling asleep also helps to quiet down the nervous system and calm an overactive mind.

I open my heart to Divine healing.

Healing light surrounds me.

Healing light is within me.

I am filled with light.

I am healed.

I am whole.

I am light.

I am.

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