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For your reference, bellow is an archive of blog entries:


Your Seven Chakra Colors

Chakra Colors - explore the deeper meaning of color and its connection with your seven chakras. Awaken your sense of self and re-connect with your soul. Learn about the science of color and its relationship to...

Continue reading "Your Seven Chakra Colors"

Dreams of old closed coffins in clear flowing lake

I dreamed that I was standing high with two others beside me and I could not see their faces. They pointed down below over a cliff, but I was higher

Continue reading "Dreams of old closed coffins in clear flowing lake"

I think it's my grandpap

About 25years ago I was laying in bed with my husband. I guess it was about 3 in the morning and I was awoken. At the foot of my bed was a shadow of a

Continue reading "I think it's my grandpap"


I am 25 years old and have been married for almost 3 years to my wife and soulmate who is 21 years old. She has always tried to convince me of these spiritual

Continue reading "Brandon"

My Spiritual Story

I would like to share with you my story as to how I became interested in the spiritual world in which we live in. From a young age I was fascinated by

Continue reading "My Spiritual Story "

My Mother's Passing

My mother lived in a retirement home for several years. In January of this year 2016, she had a mini-stroke and blacked out then fell and broke her

Continue reading "My Mother's Passing "

Human Aura

Human Aura is part of the subtle body, the Universal Energy field. We all have an aura and we all have been affected by this field through our interaction with others, animals, and the environment

Continue reading "Human Aura"

Aura Healing

Aura healing works on the deeper layers of consciousness. Healing deals with particular issues of thoughts and feelings, personal patterns, variety of protective mechanisms, all of which create blocks and tears in the Human Aura field.

Continue reading "Aura Healing"

Leo - The Lion by Astrology Junction

Leo - The Lion by Astrology Junction www.astrologyjunction.com Born on: July 23- August 22 Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac in astrology. Leo is

Continue reading "Leo - The Lion by Astrology Junction"

My near death experience

Growing up, I was raised in a very restricted environment. Close minded views surrounding me always, and family relationships were as thin as paper.

Continue reading "My near death experience "

A Christmas Ghost Story

This story is of two parts. The first part is mine and by way of an introduction to the second part - my husbands. I will continue. Christmas Eve 1987

Continue reading "A Christmas Ghost Story"

Crown Chakra - Sahasrana

The Crown Chakra is the seat of cosmic consciousness and connects us to Divine intelligence and Divine grace. Explore the seventh chakra in depth, learn tools to balance and awaken this powerful energy centre.

Continue reading "Crown Chakra - Sahasrana"

Crown Chakra Essential Oils

Learn about 8 commonly used crown chakra essential oils, their benefits and balancing properties...connect with the Divine, open the thousand petal lotus chakra

Continue reading "Crown Chakra Essential Oils"

Heart Chakra - Anahata

The Heart Chakra, the centre of unconditional love and compassion, is in the center of the human energy system. Discover the hidden forces within this gentle energy centre and learn how to open to love in your life.

Continue reading "Heart Chakra - Anahata"

Third Eye Chakra - Ajna

The Third Eye Chakra provides the energy for spiritual reflection and insight. It allows you to experience clear thought and vision. Learn all about this control centre that allows you to cultivate strong and independent mind.

Continue reading "Third Eye Chakra - Ajna"

Third Eye Chakra Essential Oils

Learn about 8 commonly used third eye chakra essential oils, their benefits and healing properties...open your third eye

Continue reading "Third Eye Chakra Essential Oils"

Throat Chakra - Visuddha

The Throat Chakra is your voice of authenticity and creative expression. It is the centre of communicating of your own truth. Explore this energy centre in depth and learn how to balance and heal this powerful chakra.

Continue reading "Throat Chakra - Visuddha"

Throat Chakra Essential Oils

Learn about 8 commonly used throat chakra essential oils, their benefits and healing properties...

Continue reading "Throat Chakra Essential Oils"

Heart Chakra Essential Oils

Learn about 8 commonly used heart chakra essential oils, their benefits and healing properties...

Continue reading "Heart Chakra Essential Oils"

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