Top 10 Root Chakra Gemstones

Chakra Anatomy

What are the most commonly used gemstones for balancing and healing the root chakra? And what are their properties and how do they help balance and heal the first chakra?

Root chakra gemstones can be used for balancing and grounding.

Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra is associated with survival issues, self preservation instinct, and the fight or flight response.

On the physical level, the root chakra is associated with adrenal glands, the skeletal structure, teeth, large intestine, kidneys, and the blood.

On the emotional level, root chakra imbalance may manifest as anger or rage, fearfulness, frustration, anxiety, and depression.

On the mental level, someone with a root chakra imbalance may experience black and white thinking, pessimism or negative thinking about life.

On the spiritual level, root chakra issues may show up as stubbornness and not willing to expand one's view point.

Gemstones embody the frequencies and healing properties of plants. Not only they deliver certain properties to the physical body, they also work on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

The following are the most commonly used root chakra gemstones:

Red Tiger’s Eye

Red Tiger's Eye balances the 1st chakra and stimulates kundalini energy.  Associated with element of fire, this stone can be used to bring money and good luck.  It is a stone that is used for protection and can be carried in a pocket as a talisman.


Emerald is a calming stone, useful for women while transitioning through menopause.  It is a feminine stone and has been used for protection from sexism and violence against women.


Carnelian is useful for balancing the first chakra as it Increases energy and cleanses the blood.  It is a stone of courage and boldness, assertiveness.

White Howlite

White Howlite promotes feelings of safety, especially at nighttime. Is related to skeleton, teeth, skull, and bones.  It is used for prevention and for reminding us to take care of our bodies.


Garnet is the best stone to awaken our survival instincts.  This is helpful for anyone who has suffered trauma and the survival instinct is “frozen” in the body or we are simply not in touch with the survival instinct.

Blue Calcedony

Blue Calcedony


Obsidian is a powerful stone used for mobilizing energy for change.  It is a stone associated with prophecy and is used for pilgrimages, and transformational work.  Obsidian helps to calm inner anger and allowing one to forgive and move towards a new life.

Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmatian Jasper gently cleanses and energizes the aura.  Strengthens family ties, friendships, and helps us to discern from financial and business scams.


Ruby increases energy and stamina and is a protective stone that will guard your home and possessions.  Helps to connect with Akashic records, the collective wisdom of human and animal kingdom.


Mookaite is a grounding stone that helps to settle imbalances in the first three lower chakras.  Helpful for those who worry too much about the future, offers protection against feelings of overwhelm.  Mookaite is a stone of Gaia, mother earth and helps us to connect with earth energies.



Lavender as Root Chakra Essential Oil

Chakra Anatomy

Lavender is an adaptogenic essential oil, it works wherever it is needed.

The essential oil of Lavender is universal for all seven chakras. It works to calm strong emotions, release pent up energy, and allow for the life force to flow through the body.

As a root chakra essential oil, Lavender helps us to feel more grounded by soothing the nervous system and bringing equilibrium to the emotions.

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