Top 10 Solar Plexus Chakra Essential Oils

Chakra Anatomy

What are the most commonly used essential oils for balancing and healing the solar plexus chakra? And what are their properties and how do they help balance and heal the third chakra?

Solar Plexus chakra essential oils can be used for getting in touch with your emotions and for balancing the third chakra.

Located between the navel and the solar plexus, the solar plexus chakra is associated with the will and identity, the perception of who we are.

On the physical level, the solar plexus chakra is associated with the digestive system, liver, pancreas, and gallbladder.

On the emotional level, solar plexus chakra imbalances may manifest as selfishness, stubbornness, domination, and desire for power.

On the mental level, someone with a solar plexus chakra imbalance may display cynicism, sarcasm, competitiveness.

On the spiritual level, solar plexus chakra issues may show up as feelings of worthlessness, fear of death, or being stuck in the ego/person/identity.

Essential oils embody the frequencies and healing properties of plants. These frequencies and properties work on all levels of being.

Choosing essential oils is best done in consultation with a qualified aromatherapy practitioner. Working with the seven chakras and their imbalances is complex as everything is interconnected.

The following are the most commonly used solar plexus chakra essential oils:


This sweet and citrusy oil encourages release of pent up feelings and helps to disperse stagnant life force energy. It may help to alleviate anxiety, stress, and tension.

Bergamot harmonizes stagnant liver energy by releasing feelings of anger, especially when the anger is turned inward and manifests as depression.

Bergamot is also known for its beneficial effects on the digestive system.


Fresh, light, floral and fruity, Grapefruit oil is commonly used for eating disorders, overeating, appetite suppression, and weight loss.

Grapefruit oils is also used for gallbladder issues, cellulite, lymphatic detoxification, and water retention.

Like other citrus oils, Grapefruit helps to move stagnant energy in the body. On an emotional level, Grapefruit helps aleviate moodiness, tension, irritability and stress.


Rosemary has been regarded as a sacred shrub by many ancient civilizations.

Rosemary oil is used for digestive issues, such as indigestion, bloating, stomach cramps as well as liver and gallbladder support.

This strong herbaceous oil is used when one is experiencing lack of will, lack of inner fire. The oil warms the soul and allows one to get in touch with an essential quality of inner strength.


Mandarin oil is beneficial for strengthening of the digestive system and liver.

With its sweet, citrusy aroma, the oil is gentle, relaxing, and promotes joyful feelings.

When there is an excessive buildup of stress, mandarin can help disperse stagnant energy within the liver and release tension and frustration.

A very gentle oil with sedative qualities, Mandarin has also been used for insomnia and irritability.


Earthy, sweet, with a slight woody aroma, Patchouli is another oil used for easing digestive issues.

The oil may be used when there is deficient energy in the spleen and pancreas areas.

On an emotional level, Patchouli is tranquilizing, calming, and relaxing. It harmonizes the emotional center with the mind center, stabilizing the mind when excessive worry is present.

Clary Sage

Herbaceous, spicy, and sharp, Clary Sage is useful in cases of weak digestion and intestinal cramps.

On the mental and emotional level, this oil helps with clear seeing of what is present in the moment, it brings about clarity into situations, and helps ease of anxiety and depression.

One of my favorite solar plexus chakra essential oils, Clary Sage inspires us to stay with the present and to seek the truth of who we are.


Another oil helpful for digestive troubles, such as indigestion, flatulence, nausea, and constipation.

The oil of Spikenard helps us to connect with Spirit, letting go of our strong ego identity, our need to control and overpower.

In ancient Egypt, Spikenard has been used to ease anxiety, promote restful sleep and as a holy oil during meditation.


Juniper is a purifying oil and increases circulation through the kidneys and liver. For centuries, Juniper has been used for detoxification of the body and for spiritual cleansing.

On an emotional level, Juniper helps to break up psychological stagnation and free up constricted energy.

Because of its aromatic qualities, Juniper positively affects the nervous system and emotional balance. The aroma of Juniper oil evokes feelings of peace and love.

In certain religious traditions, Juniper has been used for protection and to ward off evil spirits.


Lemon is a very uplifting oil with an invigorating, enhancing, and warming aroma. Lemon has a strong energetic influence on the Spleen and Pancreas.

Like other citrus oils, Lemon is useful for cleansing, lympatic clenasing, liver cleansing, and for cellulite.

On an emotional level, Lemon oil is beneficial for anxiety, stress relief, and promotion of a sense of well-being. It is a calming, lightening, and refreshing oil.

Roman Chamomile

This calming and relaxing oil helps to balance the emotional and nervous system.

Roman Chamomile helps the liver to release stagnant energy, purify the liver and to discharge toxins.

Sweet, gentle, fruity, with a fresh aroma, Roman Chamomile has been used for centuries to ease stomach discomforts and to calm children.

Lavender as Solar Plexus Chakra Essential Oil

Chakra Anatomy

Lavender is an adaptogenic essential oil, it works wherever it is needed.

Lavender is considered one of the most universal oils. Its effects go where balancing is needed and is often used as a "rescue" remedy when high emotions are present.

Like Bergamot, Lavender encourages release of pent up feelings, dispersing stagnant life energy. It works to cool and calm an overactive liver, restoring emotional balance.

The oil has a sweet, flowery aroma and is often used to ease insomnia due to overactive mind.

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